Tantric Sex Gives You Bigger Balls So That You Can Play More Football With MILFs

Cristiano Colgate from Bowman, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and a Home Cleaning Service owner, who writes that focus is the most important requirement to try new sex positions you never tried before. He says one needs to carefully watch those actors in hot MILFs and young sluts XXX videos to know what he is talking about.

Cristiano claims to have studied the art of tantric sex under one of the greatest masters of India. As per his observations, it takes different duration for the men belonging to different races to perfect the art of tantric sex; An Average Black Man takes 7 years, an Average White Man takes 10 years, An Average Arab Man 12 years and an Average Indian or Chinese man takes 15 years to master the practice of tantric sex.

Cristiano claims that the nation called India recently became the secret sex capital of the world. The biggest proof is the Japanese men traveling all the way from Tokyo to get some poontang there.

Cristiano once had sex with his gorgeous sister-in-law. He regrets it till date. She made a video of them both playing and having an intimate rendezvous and has been blackmailing him ever since.

Cristiano believes sex once a day is ideal for an adult male. No more no less. How he comes to this conclusion is by noticing the morning wood every day when he was having sex once a day compared to none or multiple times a day.

Cristiano tried NoFap for a while back in 2017. He writes the only benefit that NoFap offers is increased anger and sexual frustration.

Cristiano writes what a pity it is that a magnificent 28 year old pornstar named Victoria June who has been in the industry for years now hasn’t won a single accolade yet. Her only accolade is the semen she has made the guys drip across the globe.

Save Your Semen for the Live Sex Models on StripChat

Patrick Bateman from Cleveland, Ohio, is a sex blogger and one of the top bosses at ASUS North America, who writes on his blog that he doesn’t even know what’s the official Bible right now. He says every Bible he ever read was just an advertisement to join Christianity. One even had this note saying, “I am (enter your name) and I seek forgiveness by converting into a Christian from today. Please forgive my past sins.”

Patrick writes that whenever he drinks too much caffeine, his heart starts pumping too strong. He starts feeling confused and very nervous at the same time. He cannot do anything normal but open porn cams on Stripchat.

Patrick believes at one point different tribes believed the color of semen belonging to men of different tribes had a different color. They thought it was due to their physical color. They had no idea that it particularly had to do with their diets.

Patrick claims to know a guy who practiced NoFap for 7 months and it made him impotent. He doubts practicing kegels along to avoid wet dreams could very well have a role to play in it.

Patrick is married to one of the hottest women you never met. He writes most men wish if their wives were as hot as their secretary, he wishes if his secretary was as hot as his wife.

Patrick claims to know a semen retention freak guy who was one of the most active members on r/semenretention at a point. He once made a crazy move to buy semen from a donor and inject it in both his testicles and prostate believing it would give him superpowers. Sadly, it gave him death instead, he literally died on the spot.

Republican Mayors Enjoy Free Sex Chat When Nobody is Looking

I have a nutritionist friend who claims that eating a tons of protein is bad for your libido but eating tons of vitamins does right the opposite. I have been taking 3 different multivitamins belonging to three different brands ever seen and it is hard to detect whether my friend is not trolling me, because I have always had a strong libido and I have never taken any sort of protein supplements ever in the past.

This nutritionist friend of mine also told me that all those trying to find out what their favorite rockstar from the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s eats that keeps him looking so fresh and young are clearly misguided. He claims that the real secret is the different pussy that they get to be inside each night. He claims that fucking the same pussy each night doesn’t do any good to your dick, but fucking a different one is a whole different story.

Myself and my nutritionist friend, both agree that those who believe that further sexual liberation across the world will lead to higher population growth rate are needed to be declared as mentally retarded.

I am really astounded at the statements made by the mayors or wannabe mayors belonging to the Republican Party against Porn. All these fucking Mayors have free sex chat when nobody is looking, anybody who knows these crooks will tell you the same.

I once called a surprise stripper and she turned out to be my ex-girlfriend. I couldn’t be any happier. I paid her for her extra services as well and enjoyed thoroughly what I used to enjoy for free once.

I just got recalled of this ex-girlfriend of mine because her father used to be a candidate every 4 years, but could never make it and there you go, decades later, his daughter is a stripper and escort.

Make Brazzers Free till Armageddon – Adam Voyton

Adam Voyton from Cibola County, New Mexico, is a full-time domain flipper and part-time sex blogger, who claims that Turkey is going to be the new Republic of China for making and selling cheap products across the globe after this so-called coronavirus staged drama ends.

Adam’s friendliest cousin, whom Adam refers to as his brother from another mother, is into the business of manufacturing small bluetooth speakers and earphones which are relabeled by the wholesalers and then relabeled as their own brand. This cousin of Adam is the source of the above mentioned news for Adam.

Adam writes on his blog that the pussies of the MILFs and/or GILFs who have never been impregnated feel much better than the high estrogen 20 year old chics. Adam recommends that you get yourself a childless granny as a girlfriend as your first girlfriend if you want the best sex possible and also a lot of experience without much drama within a very short time. Adam says that he is not alone who says this, he claims that most of Brazzers free videos try to convey this message to the youngsters around the world.

Adam believes that the biggest mystery to him is why the MILFs and GILFs like to kiss with their eyes open while the younger women like to kiss with their eyes closed. He claims that he has tried his best to unveil this mystery but his hard-work that bore no fruits has only made him believe that it is going to stay a mystery till the day of Armageddon.

From Rick Rude to Richard Ramirez, every popular man from the 1980s would fuck escorts

I was married once and I was always a freakish whore wife. I used to drink tons of rye whiskey back then and would drink my own piss. My husband loved me for all that, at least I believed so, until I caught him cheating on me once and that’s when I asked him for divorce and alumni, both of which I successfully achieved.

Growing up, I used not have a crush on any actor, sportsman or a wrestler, but rather a notorious serial killer named – Richard Ramirez. In the early 2009, I traveled all the way to San Francisco, just to see the man of my dreams – Mr Richard Ramirez. The meeting went well. He asked me to show a nipple of hers, which was extremely hard to do privately in the prison surroundings but I managed to do it. Then he asked me to stand still till he ejaculates, he came within a couple of minutes and said ‘Thank You’ to me. He told me that he uses the phone of his drug dealer inmates to jerk off to the porn in the prison and that’s the only activity that he enjoys in the prison.

My mother used to be a mistress of the Pro-Wrestler – Rick Rude. Though I am not his daughter, he always treated me like one. He was really a wonderful man, with a passion for hot women. He never looked with hungry eyes towards me, even when he was drunk. I once found the number of a Goa escort agency in his personal telephone directory, until then I had no idea that he traveled to India as well and would fuck escorts too. Before that, I used to believe that he only fucked his fans, wife and mistresses.

I hate sadist men. They are the worst people in the bedroom. I was in relationship with one and it ended within a couple of months due to his sadism. It was one hellish time of my life. He was of Pakistani descent.