Tantric Sex Gives You Bigger Balls So That You Can Play More Football With Japanese MILFs

Cristiano Colgate from Bowman, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and a Home Cleaning Service owner, who writes that focus is the most important requirement to try new sex positions you never tried before. He says one needs to carefully watch those actors in Japanese Mom XXX videos to know what he is talking about.

Cristiano claims to have studied the art of tantric sex under one of the greatest masters of India. As per his observations, it takes different duration for the men belonging to different races to perfect the art of tantric sex; An Average Black Man takes 7 years, an Average White Man takes 10 years, An Average Arab Man 12 years and an Average Indian or Chinese man takes 15 years to master the practice of tantric sex.

Cristiano claims that the nation called India recently became the secret sex capital of the world. The biggest proof is the Japanese men traveling all the way from Tokyo to get some poontang there.

Cristiano once had sex with his gorgeous sister-in-law. He regrets it till date. She made a video of them both playing and having an intimate rendezvous and has been blackmailing him ever since.

Cristiano believes sex once a day is ideal for an adult male. No more no less. How he comes to this conclusion is by noticing the morning wood every day when he was having sex once a day compared to none or multiple times a day.

Cristiano tried NoFap for a while back in 2017. He writes the only benefit that NoFap offers is increased anger and sexual frustration.

Cristiano writes what a pity it is that a magnificent 28 year old pornstar named Victoria June who has been in the industry for years now hasn’t won a single accolade yet. Her only accolade is the semen she has made the guys drip across the globe.

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