MonthNovember 2020

It is Scottish Strippers vs the American Bongacams Models and we all know who is going to be the winner

I believe that Edinburgh is going to be for the strippers, what Amsterdam is for the prostitutes. I recently visited the city and there are gorgeous strippers everywhere there. Still, those Scottish strippers are far from being anywhere near the All-American women we see on Sex chat rooms Bongacams.

I personally believe that fuckbuddies are far more important than the family any day; People can talk about how their family is the most important thing to them, but all such people spend more time thinking about their fuckbuddies of the past, present and the ones that they have been eyeing for in the future than they do spend thinking about their family.

What I have observed over the decades is that the economic growth of a country is positively related to its sexual freedom. Take india for example, it used to be one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth until it was sexually oppressed in the early 1990s and the economic condition of its neighboring 7 times smaller nation – Pakistan used to be far better than that of India, which although a Muslim nation, had more libertarian views regarding sexuality than India, but for the past 20 years or so, India has had more libertarian views regarding the sexuality and the opposite has become the case for Pakistan, especially when the Army General Pervez Musharraf took control of it. Another example would be that of the Scandinavian region, it was growing like no other in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the chicas would move freely wearing nothing but skimpy clothes all over the streets of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but since they got almost occupied by the Barbaric immigrants from all over the world, especially the Middle-East, their women do not find it safe anymore to move freely on the streets wearing skimpy clothes. Many of the Scandinavian women have even become extremely religious since then and it need not be said that the religion and sexual suppression go together and look where are they now. The fastest growing region doesn’t stand for anything anymore, except for their hollow democracy and stupid laws.